Janet (loden) wrote in wesleyan_09,

Fauver Pictures

I did some poking around in the latest Wesleyan Connection newsletter and found some pictures of Fauver. Especially nice is the picture of a room, including the furniture. So if you're like me and you've been stressing over exactly what your furniture is like, be calm! Just look at the picture. The beds are adjustable, and we have wide window sills!
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But are the beds bunkable?! In any case, it'll rule. The rooms look ultra-nice, and I didn't expect the chairs to have squishiness. YAY!
the beds look like those of foss: bunkable.
Yeah, those chairs are awesome. And the beds are bunkable, some reslife person told me.
Yay pretty yum yum!

Would I be able to sit on your bed if I'm just doing something not important if we bunk beds?

We really should get a comfy chairy thingy / bean bag / something :D
You can definitely sit on my bed if I'm not already there. Or if I am, I can squish for you. But I think a cool chair thing is an awesome idea, if there's room for it.
the dorms are pretty as whoa, and the rooms seem nice, but the decor in the lounge and in the apartment are HIDEOUS.
Yeah, well, at least it looks comfy!
Agreed. Maybe we can get some sort of futon cover... or sew our own... or something. The Fauver kids will fix it!
are hideous? is hideious. me fail english...unpossible...
hideous. i can't win.
Man, what disgusting furniture? Seriously, why don't they just buy some nice single-colored stuff that doesn't look like grandma puked on everything? Old people shouldn't be allowed to decorate college dorms.
hah. you're absolutely right.