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hi guys!
I'm thinking of transferring to Wesleyan...
I know this sounds "cheesy" but are you guys happy there?
I would really appreciate candid responses.
How are the academics, the social life etc.
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check this out:

there are some pretty detailed assessments of wes there.

i think the current retention rate is about 92%. i don't know if that's high or low compared to other schools. i don't know anyone who's thinking of transferring FROM here, but i do know a few that want to transfer TO here.

i'm happy. i think most other people are too.

all of my profs are available for extra help or simply to talk... so yes to individual attention too.
it helped!
I think I will have to visit the school during j-term or something
we could probably be even more helpful if you were able to articulate specifically what about your current college is not right for you.
well, i am now attending a women's college... I'm still giving it a chance but i don't really think it is for me...
I feel completely isolated from the rest of the world.. with a bunch of women i cannot relate to.
yea, i love wes. its a great place to be, and there are (unlike all-girl schools) plenty of boys... definitely a plus in my book.