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Charlotte Martin 3/30 in the Chapel

Charlotte Martin
Charlotte Martin

March 30th (Thurs.)
Memorial Chapel
9:30pm (doors @ 9-ish)

TICKETS $2 Wesleyan, $5 public
Sold at the campus box office and at the door

Charlotte Martin, a singer/songwriter and pianist, will be performing solo on acoustic piano in the Chapel. Charlotte is an intense, engaging, quirky, and fun performer. She's incredible live- she puts everything into her performances. Seriously, she's pretty fucking awesome.

Charlotte likes to meet people after her shows, so she'll be in the Pavilion after her performance to mingle. She's totally approachable and friendly- if you're a music major or just interested in the music industry, I'm sure she'd be glad to answer any questions. Her tour manager will be selling merchandise in the Pavilion, too (i.e. bring money...).

This is not a piano recital. Don't miss it.

Direct questions to

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