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I have realized that I have an intro Psych book, authors being gleitman etc. I used it for intro psych last year. It's an older edition, but works just the same. If anyone wants it you can have it.
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Hate to be a post whore, but...

Does anyone want two canaries? They belong to this grad student I'm working with and she got them from one of the neuroscience labs where they study bird songs. If no one takes them they will have to be killed. They sing. And yeah, you're allowed pets that live in cages.
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Welcome to Wesleyan '09ers. I saw most of you today - but those who I haven't - I am RAing in Hewitt 10 - so stop by and say hello :)

Enjoy your time here, and please, take advantage of the fabulous events going on all around campus.
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Tie-Dye Party

Ok, for the tie-dying party to happen,

This kit costs about $50 some with shipping

and shirts I can supply from a craft store for about $4 each.

So making this happen during orienation...might not happen, but I can probably do the next weekend or the weekend after that, so long as everyone who is interested pitches in and pays for the shirts they want. It might even be better then because then upperclassmen can come, too.

Suggestions? Ideas?
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I have a micro-fridge (refrigerator/freezer) for sale. I bought it when I got to Wes three years ago and it still works like new. Currently it's being stored in the basement of Nicolson(Foss) 6. I'm willing to help move it to your room, provided it's not too far away. Interested parties: please e-mail me at the address below.

Price: $40 or best offer. (Mind you, I'm willing to consider any amount.)


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Ok, so Tie-Dye party looks like it's getting tons of interest. Super. Let me figuire some stuff out before I get the date (I'm thinking the Saturday) and materials (I'll need some cashies for some stuffies).

Can't wait to meet all of you!
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Fauver Pictures

I did some poking around in the latest Wesleyan Connection newsletter and found some pictures of Fauver. Especially nice is the picture of a room, including the furniture. So if you're like me and you've been stressing over exactly what your furniture is like, be calm! Just look at the picture. The beds are adjustable, and we have wide window sills!